Carol Fitzgerald(non-registered)
Kelly told me she was in touch with you! Amazing work! Perhaps we can meet one day and talk creativity!
valerie malizia(non-registered)
Loved all your photos!!!
Melynda Wakeman(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing natures beauty. I skipped thru your entire gallery and loved every photo. I will have to do some pondering to see which one or ones will make it on my walls. :D It's so refreshing to see Mother Nature thru your eyes.
Barbara Harmer(non-registered)
Wow, your artist's eye really captures every object in it's best light and perspective. It's obvious that you have an abundant amount of patience to wait until the shading, shadows and colors are at their best. It was difficult to choose a favorite from your collection, as every photo shines on it's own. Thank you for allowing us to enter your world of beauty.
Boisali Biswas(non-registered)
Hi Roberta. Loved your gorgeous work! Got to your website from your lovely comment on my Artsy Shark article. Thank you once again, and more because it brought me to your beautiful work! Best ~ Boisali Biswas
Cathy Barzo(non-registered)
Incredibly beautiful images. The colours are so vivid that they pop. I like the pictures that are taken from the back of the flower - often a missed aspect of a flower. The series on the rainbow gum trees are stunning - each look like an abstract painting. If I'm ever in Florida I'll have to look for some of the local flora.
Marty Rosenberg(non-registered)
Powerful work! Captures essence.
ristorante claretta Palm City, FL(non-registered)
ciao Roberta
Catherine Winters(non-registered)
Thank you for handing me your card when you visited my Open House in the Retreat this past Sunday.
The photograph lured me to log onto your website while I enjoyed my morning coffee. Your images are gorgeous and it was a wonderful way to begin my soon to be busy day.
Matt London(non-registered)
Beautiful Pics Mom!!!
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