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Secret Garden Treasures

June 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Visiting a garden is much like visiting an art gallery. Visiting a Secret Garden is like coming upon a treasure trove --enter and prepare to be dazzled.


My video, Secret Garden Treasures, is a close-up look at botanical and landscape gems in eight unique gardens on Florida's Treasure Coast.  Each garden presents surprises to relish: beds of specimen begonias, collections of jewel-like orchids, ceramic creations reflecting the flowers and foliage in which they are set, garden "rooms" to stop in for awhile amid bromeliads, palms and the occasional inanimate creature.                   




Whether they are expansive gardens along a river, small peaceful places in which to rest and reflect, tropical wonderlands filled with dozens of palms and bamboos, each one invites you to take a close look and be charmed by its treasures.










This stunning high definition video takes you into unique gardens where landscapes capture the boundless beauty of nature. You'll want to watch it again and again!


"A work of art that captures nature and elevates each plant to a small majesty.  There is a kind of magic in the way one image seamlessly morphs into another.  I'll watch it again and again, each time seeing plants as I never did before."  Sharon Brossman, Master Gardener & Proud Keeper of a Former -- and always changing -- 'Secret Garden'


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