The Art of the Note

So many of our communications today arrive in our digital mailboxes as brief e-mails or text messages, each with the fewest possible words used to convey information or express thoughts and feelings.  The good news is that mail in our actual mailboxes is alive and well.  And nothing quite compares to receiving in the mail a beautiful card with a handwritten note.



                                        "The Art of the Note" Cards


        Cereus CollectionCereus Collection     Sepia CollectionSepia Collection                                                     

The cards in these three new collections are unique in that each has one of my original fine art photographs mounted on the front. The photographs are printed on fine art papers with archival inks. Cards are blank inside with generous space for you to write your personal note.  The cards measure 5"x7" folded.  Each box includes 8 note cards and matching envelopes. 



                                                                 The Rainbow Gum Collection

When the outer layer of its bark is shed, the "Mindinao Gum Tree" reveals its unique multi-colored inner bark.  The colors can range from bright greens to tones of orange, blue, purple and magenta -- thus its common name "Rainbow Gum."  As I photographed these remarkable trees I was struck by the flow of colors and shapes -- each section of the bark looked like a vivid work of abstract art.  The collection includes 8 images of the beautiful art of the Rainbow Gum tree.

        Rainbow Gum #8Rainbow Gum #8                                        

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                                             The Night-Blooming Cereus Collection

The life cycle  of the Night-Blooming Cereus is an amazing feat of nature.  The cycle begins with the appearance of perfect little buds that develop along the stem from a half inch to large complex and extraordinarily beautiful blooms in about one week's time.  Each Cereus flower will bloom once, opening at night for a spectacular show, then close and be gone by sunrise.

      Cereus #2Cereus #2      

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                                                               The Sepia Collection

With their soft creamy tones sepia photographs impart a warmth and moodiness with the look and feel of an earlier time.  

#1 Lily Portrait#1 Lily Portrait #2 Sightlines#2 Sightlines #3 Cannas#3 Cannas #4 Tulips#4 Tulips

#5 Rose#5 Rose #6 Sightlines#6 Sightlines #7 Orchids#7 Orchids #8 Stargazer#8 Stargazer

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When you send one of these notes you are not only sending your personal message, you are also sending  a small gift of art.  People who receive these notes can frame them (the card will fit perfectly in a standard 5"x7" frame) or set them on a small display easel, keeping them in view to enjoy time and again.  

When you give a gift of art to those you care about, every time they see it they will remember that you cared.