Daisy Ballet

August 16, 2013  •  Leave a Comment


All too often when I set out to photograph a particular flower – haul the gear, reach the chosen location, mount the camera, wait for the perfect light – the wind kicks up, and no matter how long I try to wait it out I finally wrap it up and call it a day. But on this day I thought: hadn’t I nearly given up at times when I was losing the light and as it changed, the reds and purples suddenly “popped” and were more vibrant in the dusk?  I thought, too, about waiting out a sudden rain shower and then seeing the leaves and petals washed clean and more beautiful for the drops of rain on them.  So on this day, when the wind persisted, I decided to continue in spite of the conditions. How glad I am for the reminder to keep on keeping on … and grateful to the wind for showing me that daisies can dance!



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