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Click to read more about Night-Blooming Cereus and Desert Beauty to see a video of last year's opening night.

 I am so honored to have had my photograph “Night Bloom” on display and judged Best in Show in the company of a remarkable collection of photographic art.    

An enthusiastic crowd was at Port St Lucie Civic Center (Port St. Lucie Florida) for the opening night reception of  “From The Heart” Juried Photography Exhibition 2018. 


The exhibition is presented by the Treasure Coast Photography Center in support of Safe Space whose mission is to provide victims of domestic violence safety, support and education empowering them to create independent lives free from violence. 

The exhibit is on through February 28th  at Port St. Lucie Civic Center, 9221 SE Civic Center Place, Port St. Lucie, Florida .   Hope you will come to see the outstanding works on display. 


To see more images of this fascinating flower click Night Bloom.

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Holiday Lights These dazzling natural beauties, with their warm colors and glowing lights, are harbingers of the holiday season.  Hung above a fireplace,  set on the mantel, placed  in easels on a hall table -- they will light up your home for the holidays.

       "All Aglow"                 "Red Lantern"                     "Star-Bright"                     "Radiance"  

This set of four fine art photographs will add  bright notes to your home in any season.  They will also make very special gifts to family, friends and business associates.    

When you buy a piece of art it will pay you back every time you stop to look at and enjoy it.  When you give a gift of art to those you care about, every time they see it they will remember that you cared.  

To see more about "Holiday Lights" and to purchase use the link to My Amazon Store 



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Royal Poinciana - A Summer Spectacular Summertime in Florida means 90 degree temperatures, oppressive humidity and daily bone-rattling thunderstorms.  But we can accept it all because this time of year also means that the spectacular Royal Poinciana trees will be in bloom.  And what a blazingly beautiful summer gift it is.



One of the most wonderful things about these trees is the way they insist upon being noticed -- you can spot their brilliant color from far away and it's hard to resist those come-hither calls.  I've been drawn down many a by-way in Florida to photograph the incomparable beauty of our Royal Poincianas.

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Flowers That Will Never Fade Orchids are always a favorite. “Forever In Bloom” captures the enduring beauty of six sublime orchids at their peak of freshness and preserves them forever in this photo montage .. a wonderful gift to yourself or to an orchid lover you know



When you give a gift of art to those you care about, every time they see it they will be reminded of you.

For Details, and to order click here: Forever In Bloom

Click on Secret Gardens and Folios to see unique gifts of art.

Click on Galleries to find more inspiration.





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Celebrating New Blooms My Hong Kong Orchid Tree blooms once a year and what a joy it is when that happens! I am always thrilled to welcome this blooming season. Nature rewarded me once again with these luscious blossoms, and with the raindrops and early morning light that gave them that finishing touch

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Florida's Wild! My "Blue Heron" is looking out over the crowd and happily admiring the visitors to "Florida's Wild!"  


The exciting juried exhibition at the Elliott Museum in Stuart Florida showcases works by 40 artists who have looked at the many faces of  Wild Florida:  wildlife, wild places, wild people.

 It's always a pleasure to talk with visitors, and the opening night was an opportunity to meet up with people who have a special appreciation for art and the wild things -- including artists -- in our midst.   

The current exhibition is on until January 28, 2017 at The Elliott Museum, 825 NE Ocean Blvd, Stuart, Florida (open Daily 10am-5pm).  Stop in and take a walk on the wild side!





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Gifts of Art When you buy a piece of art it will pay you back every time you stop to look at it and enjoy it.  When you give a gift of art to someone you care about, every time they see it they will remember that you cared.



Click on  Secret Gardens and Folios to see unique gifts of art   

Click on Galleries to find more inspiration! 



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Secret Garden Treasures Visiting a garden is much like visiting an art gallery. Visiting a Secret Garden is like coming upon a treasure trove --enter and prepare to be dazzled.


My video, Secret Garden Treasures, is a close-up look at botanical and landscape gems in eight unique gardens on Florida's Treasure Coast.  Each garden presents surprises to relish: beds of specimen begonias, collections of jewel-like orchids, ceramic creations reflecting the flowers and foliage in which they are set, garden "rooms" to stop in for awhile amid bromeliads, palms and the occasional inanimate creature.                   




Whether they are expansive gardens along a river, small peaceful places in which to rest and reflect, tropical wonderlands filled with dozens of palms and bamboos, each one invites you to take a close look and be charmed by its treasures.










This stunning high definition video takes you into unique gardens where landscapes capture the boundless beauty of nature. You'll want to watch it again and again!


"A work of art that captures nature and elevates each plant to a small majesty.  There is a kind of magic in the way one image seamlessly morphs into another.  I'll watch it again and again, each time seeing plants as I never did before."  Sharon Brossman, Master Gardener & Proud Keeper of a Former -- and always changing -- 'Secret Garden'


               CLICK Secret Garden Treasures TO PURCHASE












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Anticipation There is a special feeling of excitement to looking forward, to thinking about the future, to dreaming about possibilities.   As always the natural world serves up such perfect symbols of things to come.   This luscious hibiscus bud, nearly ready to burst into bloom, is just such a symbol that stirs the imagination.


My photograph - "Anticipation" - has been selected by Renee Phillips, Director of Manhattan Arts International, for inclusion in its current exhibition: "New Beginnings."    The exhibit includes works of 47 artists from around the world. Use this link New Beginnings to visit this exceptional online exhibition.

To order a print of "Anticipation" click on My Gallery Store.  




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"Gardenography" A Special Edition Print Since posting the piece about "Gardenography" in June I've heard from many people asking if prints were available.  I'm delighted that so many of you enjoyed seeing it.   A special Limited Edition is now available.  

If you would like one for your own collection, or for a gift to someone who also loves the beauty found in gardens, click on My Gallery Store to order.  


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Gardenography Every ​garden -- large and small -- has a story to tell.  It may have grassy expanses...



  ... brilliantly colored flowers, fruit trees -- name it and it will show up in a garden. 

As a "Gardenographer" I tell the story of a garden's life in its details: an orchid plant set high on a tree branch and thriving ... 



   or a piece of sculpture surrounded by foliage that has become part of the art.



​So what exactly is Gardenography?  It is a photographic biography that captures the unique elements of a garden's life story and preserves them long after the leaves and flowers have faded.



Use this link to my "Gardenography" page on Houzz to see more.  Contact me if you would like to learn more about having your garden photographed.  I would be delighted to talk with you!




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Send a "Spring Bouquet" of Flowers For Mothers Day



"Spring Bouquet" is a folio of my photographs celebrating the floral bounty of the season.

This 'bouquet' includes eight photographs printed on fine art photographic papers with archival pigment inks to ensure that richness and fidelity of color are retained over time. The prints can be framed and hung individually or in groupings, or they can be kept  in the folio and revisited and enjoyed again and again.



Best of all, this Spring Bouquet will never fade -- it will remain fresh forever.


Click My Gallery Store to order "Spring Bouquet"


      To order "Spring Bouquet" click My Gallery Store  



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The Woodcarvers The Woodcarvers  of the Treasure Coast put on a great show in Port St. Lucie Florida last weekend.  Their work is remarkable both for its beauty and its intricacy.





As I made my way around the exhibit and watched them working, teaching others their special techniques, explaining the symbols carved into different pieces, something else was evident: these artists truly relish the process of making magic out of wood, and their joy in sharing it is clearly on display.



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Light Of Day "Light Of Day"  is one of my personal favorite images and has a bit of a story. At the end of the day, as I was heading out the gate after a garden tour in Stuart Florida, I spotted this lovely Iris catching the last glimmer of sunshine.  The wind was up, the tripod was not, but I had to give it a go.  One shot was all I could manage before wind set every frond and bloom in motion and the light was gone from the flower.  How glad I was that I stopped to take one last photograph.




"Light Of Day" is one of 10 prints in "Nature's Artistry," the first in my new series of Special Edition Folios.  Click Folios to see more about the series.  To order "Nature's Artistry" folio, or to order a print of "Light Of Day" click My Gallery Store.



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Just Published! The current edition of Florida Designer Homes Magazine has a feature article about my photography.  Introducing the annual "Fine Art" issue, Editor & Co-Publisher  Ron Rosenzweig wrote: "Our group of amazing artists this year includes Roberta London, an artistic force in creating stunning photographic art of nature's diversity.  Roberta captures the essence and soul of the beauty found in the natural environment."     I'm so happy to have my photography showcased in this beautiful publication.  


Use this link - Florida Designer Homes Magazine - to see the complete article and the entire issue.








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A Closer Look The pot of Blue Clerodendron on the patio has been producing lovely blooms all through this hottest and wettest Florida summer.  But this week it produced something entirely different: mushrooms!  One morning there were none, and the next there appeared a little army of them.  It was time to take a closer look.



Back in the studio reviewing the images I marveled, as I always do, at how nature’s extraordinary art is revealed when you peer in for a really close look. 




"Nature will bear the closest inspection. She invites us to lay our eye level with her smallest leaf, and take an insect view of its plain."  Henry David Thoreau

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Morning on the Indian River Lagoon There was the fisherman seining for bait.  There I was hoping to capture an image of morning on the lagoon.  But there were the sky, the clouds, the stillness of the scene. All one could do was to stop for awhile and watch in awe. 


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A Walk in the Park On any day a walk at Indian River Side Park in Jensen Beach, Florida, is a pleasure. Depending upon the season you may see walls of Sea Grape on the paths along the  lagoon,  Royal Poinciana in bloom, Ospreys on the hunt, and always Pelicans.  On this particular day a beautiful Anhinga seemed to be enjoying the scenery and I stopped to enjoy it with her.

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Grand Opening The blooming cycle of Night-Blooming Cereus is one of those feats of nature that has me scratching my head in wonder: how does this leggy, ungainly-looking plant produce perfect little buds that develop from a half inch to large, complex and extraordinarily beautiful blooms in just a little more than one week?  And that’s not all there is to this story.  The Cereus flowers bloom once each year opening at night for one spectacular show, then close and are gone by sunrise.

This is how it began:

                                                                July 16, 2014

July 19, 2014


And here is what happened as Nature staged a brilliant opening night show

                                                                       July 25   6:48PM

                                                                       July 25   7:01PM                


                                                                     July 25   8:32 PM                  



                                                                    July 25   9:07 PM     

                                                                     July 25   9:24 PM    

                                                                      July 25   10:12PM     


 Use the highlighted link to see more photographs of the Night-Blooming Cereus and use this link Desert Beauty to see a short video of last year's opening night.

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I'm So Honored! A wonderful article about me by Renee Phillips, Director of Manhattan Arts International, has been posted on its blog.  In the article: "Roberta London's Magnificent Flower Photographs," she writes: "The artist brings her passion and precision to natural subjects with a sense of drama and grandeur. Through her macro photographic images we enter magical worlds where blossoms, tufts of pollen, petals and leaves quiver with an imperishable life force."


                       Wild Parrot # 1Wild Parrot # 1Click My Gallery Store To Order

                                    Wild Parrot #2Wild Parrot #2Click My Gallery Store To Order

   Please be sure to read the full article at:







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