I must admit that I’m absolutely smitten by the natural world, especially the flowers and trees in our landscape.  On the most basic level my ‘job’ as a photographer is to capture images and present them to others to enjoy, reflect on, be moved by and – hopefully -- acquire. 


But my mission as a photographer is to see.  Sometimes the most brilliant flower gets my attention. Often, though, it is the less obvious, the one tucked away in the shelter of leaves, or buds not yet open but full of promise for what is to come.   There is, of course, the occasional bird or other critter that crosses my path insisting on a portrait. Some of them make me offers that I just can’t refuse!  


  I hope you’ll stop by here often to see and celebrate the natural world with me. 


Royal Poinciana - A Summer Spectacular

July 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Summertime in Florida means 90 degree temperatures, oppressive humidity and daily bone-rattling thunderstorms.  But we can accept it all because this time of year also means that the spectacular Royal Poinciana trees will be in bloom.  And what a blazingly beautiful summer gift it is.



One of the most wonderful things about these trees is the way they insist upon being noticed -- you can spot their brilliant color from far away and it's hard to resist those come-hither calls.  I've been drawn down many a by-way in Florida to photograph the incomparable beauty of our Royal Poincianas.

Flowers That Will Never Fade

April 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Orchids are always a favorite. “Forever In Bloom” captures the enduring beauty of six sublime orchids at their peak of freshness and preserves them forever in this photo montage .. a wonderful gift to yourself or to an orchid lover you know



When you give a gift of art to those you care about, every time they see it they will be reminded of you.

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Celebrating New Blooms

March 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

My Hong Kong Orchid Tree blooms once a year and what a joy it is when that happens! I am always thrilled to welcome this blooming season. Nature rewarded me once again with these luscious blossoms, and with the raindrops and early morning light that gave them that finishing touch

Florida's Wild!

December 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

My "Blue Heron" is looking out over the crowd and happily admiring the visitors to "Florida's Wild!"  


The exciting juried exhibition at the Elliott Museum in Stuart Florida showcases works by 40 artists who have looked at the many faces of  Wild Florida:  wildlife, wild places, wild people.

 It's always a pleasure to talk with visitors, and the opening night was an opportunity to meet up with people who have a special appreciation for art and the wild things -- including artists -- in our midst.   

The current exhibition is on until January 28, 2017 at The Elliott Museum, 825 NE Ocean Blvd, Stuart, Florida (open Daily 10am-5pm).  Stop in and take a walk on the wild side!